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Pavcon construction is a Zimbabwean registered construction company. The company is managed by seasoned entrepreneurs with vast experience in the construction industry. We provide a wide range of services such as building, plumbing, maintenance, hardware and manufacturing pavers.

Mission Statement

Pavcon industries is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lastng relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.


Our vision is to be widely admired and be the preferred construction company by being the highest standards in the customer stewardship and cost containment.


Our Services



These are self locked pavers in zigzag shape found in different colours Red, Black, Grey and Order. Sizes Industrial pavers, 80mm Thickness Domesc pavers, 60mm Thickness, 60mm prices per m2Range from 19-22, 80mm price per m2, Range from 30 to 33, 50 paver per m2, each cost 25-27


Asphalt is affordable, durable, smooth finishing. Prices range from $15.00 per m2. Prices are determined with type of soil and (it's for fix and supply).

Our Services


Precast Durawalls

We have decorated and plain durawalls, within these jucy one different height 2.1m and 1.8m. Prices for decorated 2.1m and 1.8m ranges from $40.00 to $45.00. Plain ranges from $30.00 to $35.00.

Brick Durawalls

Same we use common bricks which will be plastered and designed. Prices will determine with design and thickness. And some durawall we use face bricks as a decorated one.

Our Services

Building Construction

We build houses , garages, factories, offices and any type of building. We can do fix and supply works or labour only where clients provides materials. Charges determine material cost.

Other Great Services

We Build and Construct Beautiful ART

Plumbing Services

We do all plumbing works, new installation and maintenance, blocked drain, geyser overflows, tank installationsons, tank stands, sewer emptying, septic tanks, drain laying, air locked taps for hot water, water drainages, porous pipes installations, empty Blair toilets.


Cobble Stone

Cobble stone pavers are luxurious durable, porous, easy to maintain, it has natural looking, suitable for domestic use.

Labour only is $4.00 to $5.00. Suitable for residential.



We do renovations for old houses to look new, roof filling, paintng, fitcherboard, replacing durawalls and repairing, carpentry works, tilling, crack fillings and etc.



Tar/Asphalt Suitable for Industrial and Domes

Asphalt-hot-mix: it's an engineered mixture of aggregates, or stone and sand, with liquid asphalt cement, a petroleum product varying sizes of aggregates are heated and then mixed in exact proportions with asphalt cement

Asphalt is affordable, durable, smooth finishing. Prices range from $15.00 per m2. Prices are determined with type of soil and (it's for fix and supply).

(One tonne covers 30m2)

(One tonne cost $260.00)



We do gazebos from building the structure up to thatching. We who have more than ten years doing such services and they seem to deliver an unquestionable quality of works.

Table Courts

We also do tennis courts, new installaons and repairing or renovating. These tennis courts prices range from $15.00 to $20.00 depends with sizes.


Manufacturing Pavers

We do manufacture pavers

Sizes: 60mm and 80mm


House Plans

Most people have no ideas of who can do my house drawing and some they end up building the houses that is not their priority, or that is not on their because of lack of choice. We have come to rescue we provide you with a wide range of house plans at a reasonable priors: our staff have done numerous building plans some are very common in town.


Gardening and Landscaping

We do garden design at world standard. Lawn planting instant and plugs as well as thuners. On our landscaping we make sure there is a proper drainage so that we don't find pools of water in gardens in rain seasons and the ground has to be level to ensure smooth movement of grass cutting machines.


Our WOrk

Customer Reviews

What you can expect from Pavcon industries is an honest process built upon open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process ... PSMI.

Their commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of a cohesive design makes them a great patner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project.



Pavcon industries has done works at Avonlea Primary School which included Tarring, Refurbishment of the School gate and entrance. We do not hesitate to refer them to you totake on any project concerning paving



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